Being Satisfied – Where You Are

Time With Coffee

This morning I have had the opportunity to be still and able to soak up the goodness around me. After the Christmas presents have been open and the returns have been taken care of, the hustle of the holidays are over. So many visits with family and sweet moments we shared as well as not so sweet moments, Right? (It’s family. When we get around these people that think they know us so well, they tend to say anything they want and feel they can tell everyone else what to do. That’s a whole different blog.) I’m thinking of the new year approaching and finding myself on a mission that I want to share with you; being satisfied where you are.

Live your Dreams

Since we were sent from the nest after high school we were given a mission to go forward and make something of our lives. I think of my college daughters and I am excited that they have the opportunity to experience college life on campus. They might be thinking forward about career goals and dreams but honestly they are in the middle of an amazing part of their lives that they will look back at and miss one day. Your dreams will transpire and we know that because God will give you the desires of your heart. Always aware that opportunities my transpire and you will know when those opportunities are the right ones for you, but love where you currently are. Enjoy the ride. Be satisfied.

Share Your Talents

There isn’t anything that will give you more joy then using the gifts you have to share with others. Dive into your loves of life. Examples; painting, singing, music, movies, exercise, nature, etc. We have all been gifted with talents. Use them, share them, and teach others. Fill your life with things, people and moments you enjoy. Be satisfied

Fill Your Purpose

Our kids have grown from needing assistance physically to needing guidance. I look back to times of holding one child on my hip and brushing the other’s hair getting them ready for school. Now I am teaching them independence. The time has flown by. Where you are now? You will look back and miss these moments. Be Satisfied.

Treasure Every Moment

Love your spouses, kids, animals, homes, friends, parents, siblings, your food, the freedoms of WiFi at your fingertips, your phone, your heat in your home, your vehicle, coffee, ability to clean your home, walk, see, hear, read, and learn. We have so much to be thankful for. Look around an treasure what you have. It could all be gone tomorrow. Be satisfied.

My Life Isn’t Perfect and Your Isn’t Either – That’s a fact.

Maybe something isn’t perfect in your life at this time. Maybe someone you love is struggling, you lost someone and you are in deep grief, your struggling financially, your spouse isn’t treating you well, your child isn’t making great decisions, your parents health is failing, etc. We all have something that can steal every waking minute of our joy. The good news is we can give it to God. Scripture says to cast your cares on God, stay in faith and he will take care of you.

Be Satisfied – Where You Are

Living content is the greatest gift you can give yourself. God has blessed you with so many things. Yes, some have more then others but realize that what you have and what has been given to you is enough. There will always be someone with more and others with less. Don’t get stuck in comparison. The more you have, the more you need to manage. If it doesn’t seem like you have all you need and your struggling – PRAY. Ask God to give you wisdom and listen for the ideas to help your current situation. Watch for his miracle. He will answer your prayer in many different ways. God will give you ideas of how to move forward. Maybe it will be cutting expenses or maybe it will be making a career change. Some days you will not get an answer to your prayer. This is the day to sit back and be satisfied with all that is around you. Let God figure out the how. He will eventually plant that idea in you or someone else to help your situation. He is listening. Stay in prayer. Give yourself the precious gift of contentment knowing God is taking care of you.

Psalm 55:22

Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.

Do Something Every Day That Makes You Happy. 

Enjoy Life!

To truly be happy you need to do it intentionally.  Take time everyday to do something you love.  A walk, tv show, read a book, paint, spend time with your animals, kids, take a bike ride, enjoy your favorite food, etc.  

Today I took 15 minutes to enjoy sunshine and conversation with our 16 year old.  It just filled me with so much joy to know she is headed in the right direction with her thoughts and goals.  It was so filling to hear that she has great plans ahead of her.  

Yes we may all have responsibilities but taking time for things you love is so important. 

Enjoy Life!

Live Your Dreams, Share Your Purpose, Fill Your Purpose and Treasure Every Moment!

What part of the puzzle do I fit in?

I say to live you best life each day but the people around me do not believe in me?

Everyone in this world was created to be a part of God’s Plan.  He has gifted you with talents that only you have.   People amongst you may not be able to see them.   Many people actually will condem you for not being like their ideal person.  The beauty is we are all gifted with different talents.  The hard part it trying to put the puzzle together.  We are all part of a huge puzzle.  God’s plan is to have all of our lives touch each other.  If you are surrounded by people that are the green pieces of the puzzle and you are a blue piece of the puzzle you most likely will not relate to or understand the other green pieces.  Maybe they compromise the top of a palm tree, but your are part of the water, you will not fit in with these types of people.  It’s ok.  The green grass puzzle pieces need you to complete the puzzle.  Not one puzzle piece is the same and not one person is the same.  That doesn’t mean they will understand how you function.

Many couples have problems with this.  God puts us together to be part of the puzzle but we both hold different gifts.  We both hold different functions.  We need to celebrate our differences.  Many churches put together men’s and women’s groups.  These groups are designed to get like minded people together so they can sharpen each other in their roles as men and women.  Sometimes our spouses will not understand us.  It is ok.  We still need to try and be respectful of each other.  Each one of us have different roles.  Compliment them on the things you appreciate and try not to be the dripping tap that keeps nagging and critiquing.

Co- workers are not always going to understand each other.  We all have different ideas but valuing other’ ideas and considering everyone when making decisions is super valuable on any team.  Being respectful, because we all have purpose and when we are respectful and work together wonderful things can happen.   Ideas can be generated that create solutions.  Be careful not to be closed minded.  The person right next to you in the meeting might have a better idea.  Being proud isn’t usually the best solution. You could miss out on some wonderful idea and creativity. Be confident in who you are as well.  If you have an idea, share it.  It might be exactly what the group needs.  You have been placed in your position to make a difference.  It doesn’t matter if you are the Manager, Sales Associate, Teacher, Secretary, or Assistant.  We all have purpose and we all are needed to complete the team.  

Criticizing others is never a positive way to correct someone.  If you have a problem be solution focused.  Most of the time your boss will welcome a person when they come in with a great suggestion but if employee after employee comes in complaining, this is wearing on anyone’s sole.  Especially if you are a boss, mom, dad, or grandparent, husband, wife or child is doing their best to give the best and make the best decisions.  Most people are not trying to hurt you with their rules.  They are trying to follow policy, accomplish goals or complete assigned tasks.   You can always see things more clearly when you put yourself in the other person’s shoes.   Example….  If you get in trouble for walking in late, what is the policy?  Who is really in the wrong?  If the boss didn’t enforce this, how would it turn out if all the employees showed up late?  Recognize you will need to change and work hard to be on time in the future.

Again, we are all part of the puzzle.  We are not always going to understand everyones’s perspectives.  It is natural to think what we are thinking is correct but be open minded.  Be careful not to let your pride get in your way.  God has graced many people with amazing minds.  Be quick to listen for great ideas from people around you. Be grateful for all of what each person contributes. Maybe it isn’t their ideas but their great work ethic and ability to accomplish and stay on task with productivity that makes a person so valuable to your workplace or home. We all bring some amazing strengths to our workplaces and families.  When we work together and start really recognizing how to value each other for the gifts they bring to the workplace or relationship, we become a beautiful part of the puzzle, working together toward the same goal.  Value the people around you even if they are green and you are blue.  Try not to get angry or disappointed that they do not do things like you or have the same gifts to bring to the table.  We are all different, but together you can make things come together beautifully in your work place and in your homes.

Enjoy Life!

Live Your Dreams, Share Your Talents,

Fill Your Purpose and Treasure Every Moment

Wow, How did they get to be so lucky.  They have everything.  Wish it was me.

Have you ever looked at Facebook or other people’s lives and just felt like they just have everything going for them?  This happens to so many people.   There are always people that look and seem like they have everything going for them.  So what is their secret?  How do people get to a place where their lives are just so awesome?  

So often we walk through life and we repeat our life style just like what our parents did and live a life similar to how our parents live.   It’s a wonder that the super successful people have super successful children.  Why?  Because the parents have created great habits and their children have seen these habits modeled.  We also see the less fortunate stay in less fortunate situations.  The good news is we can all train ourselves to develop successful habits.

Well what defines success?  What do successful people focus on?  Why do some just have awesome relationships?  What is the secret to have this fabulous life?  How do you truely live with success, joy and peace?

Many people will relate success with money.  True success is not about money, it’s about managing what you have well and living within your means.  I am not talking about living poor or less fortunate.  When you are Living with intentions to serve others and live out your true purpose by sharing your talents and gifts, you can live in a place of comfort and peace.   We are all made different and we all love different things.  When you really can identify what your true loves are and you can serve other people by using these gifts, you will live with true happiness.  You will achieve the most success in your life.  I know you have seen people live on small salaries.  Some can live feeling miserable and envying everyone else. Others I have seen truly embrace and treasure right where they are.  They are living with purpose and enjoying their life.  They live well and successful because they are living the desires of their heart.

Successful people focus on the good.  They look at their own life and use what they have been given to help others.  Successful people are grateful and comfortable with what they do and how they act.  They may not have everything everyone else has but they are content with what they have.  Successful people do not compare their lives to others wishing they had what others have.  Their focus is not things.  When others are promoted or are moving forward with success stories, they are cheering them on and truly wishing them well.  

Successful people look for the good in others.  They find the best qualities in others verses focusing on the worst.  There are not perfect people anywhere to be found on this earth, so expecting others to be perfect and act perfectly is an unrealistic expectation. Successful people give others the benefit of the doubt and believe the best about the people that surround them.  Successful people forgive because they know that people will not always walk with the same ideas and standards.  Successful people also realize they are not perfect and work hard to be excellent but forgive themselves when they fall short.  They put theirselves in others shoes to try and understand verses be understood.

Successful people seek after excellence and being their best.  They do not expect perfection but do try to do well in all areas of their lives.  They manage the people around them and their relationship with respect.  They take care of their basic needs so they can intentionally be good to the people that they serve in their own family, work and community.

The secret to having a fabulous life is seeing all the great things you have been blessed with.  Looking at your life positively instead of negatively.  You are in control of your thoughts.   If you do not like your job, think about how excited you were when you were first hired.  There are always other people that wish they had your position.  If a relationship isn’t perfect, how would it be without that person in your life?  Think back to when you first met that person.  Maybe we need to change how we act toward them and be more appreciative for the things they do bring to the relationship.

Visualize your life the way you want it to be and start working toward getting it there.  Talk about the positive things in your life.  Your life will be as fabulous as you make it in your mind.  It’s up to you to see all the good that surrounds you.  If you feed the bad and focus on the bad things in your life and everything that isn’t perfect, those negative things will take over your thoughts.  Your thoughts are what control your moods.  Pretty soon the negative thoughts will start changing how you act, your motivation, your confidence and it can suck the joy right out of you.  

Successful people are positive thinkers.  Control your negative thoughts.  The minute you have a negative thought creeping up on you, you can quickly turn it around.  It’s like a bad headache, the longer you wait to take pain relievers the longer it takes for the headache to go away.  My doctor says if you take pain reliever right away the minute you feel a headache coming on you most likely will feel fine in fifteen minutes. If you wait and hour and your headache gets stronger, its harder to get back to feeling good.   If you take a negative thought and turn it around you hopefully will not affect your day, week, month, year, life…  Get in the habit of squashing negative thoughts as soon as they enter your mind. 

Example…. I don’t have any money in my check book but I can live on less and I will make it through.  I may not know the solution right this minute but my God is taking care of all my worries today.  Stay in Faith.  I may feel sick and the Dr. Report isn’t good, but we have wonderful medical science that can heal me.  My employer is looking at relocating people and I’m not sure who is picked next to go where, but I have a job and I get along with most people so I am not worried about this change.  Life has always worked out in the past.  It might not be what I want but I will be placed exactly where I need to be.  When one door closes the other door opens.
Ok, but you might be dealing with a sickness or a financial situation or a terrible thing that you can not control.  You can still be happy.  Try not to focus on the problem.  Focus on solutions.  Easy to say, but not easy to do. Try not to give attention to your sickness.  Do what you can to take care of yourself, believing you will get better. Follow the Dr. orders.  If you are struggling with finances. Look for ways to help your financial situation by decreasing spending or generating more income, but do not let it steal your joy.  Having to sell something or downsize does not mean you are a failure.  You are actually smart to set yourself up to be successful financially.  Each day you are here your life gets to be a wonderful testament to others.  Take your problems to God and ask for his help, direction and wisdom.  Let God do the worrying and you do the living.  

Successful people have dreams and goals.  They are not just living each day in everyday routine but are also setting goals and living their dreams.  Each one of us has purpose and we are all gifted with different dreams, skills and interests.  Pursue your dreams.  Work toward what those dreams are.  Be careful that other people do not destroy your dreams because they are not theirs. or because they do not understand how your vision will be played out.  Only you have your dream inside you.  You are the only one to make it come alive.  Know your strengths, gifts and talents and do not be afraid to use them.  The only time you fail when you are pursuing your dreams is if you never try to live them out.  I’m not saying to give up your job, but I am encouraging you to find value in your unique dreams and put them to use when you are setting your goals.  

Do something you love everyday.  Do what you like such as; sing, play music, listen to music, spend time with your animals, play a game with your children,exercise, read, watch a great T.V. show, paint, etc.  Reward yourself with something to look forward to after you have worked all day to be your best.   

Yes, you can have a life filled with success.  It’s up to you to change your outlook, think positively, find good in others, find solutions to problems, visualize your life as you want it to be, be forgiving of yourself and others, change where you need to to live within your means, live your dreams and set goals, do something you love everyday.  Every life has purpose including yours.  Make it a great life!  You too can live with success, joy and peace.

Enjoy Life!

Live Your Dreams, Share Your Talents,

Fill Your Purpose and Treasure Every Moment

A New Day Dawning

Every day is a new day dawning.  So why do I write this?  Life throws us many challenges.  Have you ever had a hard time agreeing with your boss at work? Have you ever felt overwhelmed with responsibility and not enough time to accomplish it all?  Have you ever had financial burdens or relationship issues weighing you down? Health issues, Job Loss, etc…..?  Yes, this is life.  We all will run across life challenges.

This photo was taken on a walk.  This morning was a morning I woke up just feeling very much like there was so much to do and not enough time.  Yes, it’s true, I have to tell myself not to worry.  I am a dreamer.  I have so many things I want to accomplish and so many ideas that flood my mind that I actually have had to train myself to slow down.  So when these feelings creep up on me, one way I work through it is to take a walk and dive into my photography.  I just have such a love for landscapes.  We are so blessed with the beauty that surrounds us.  This gives me a chance to really focus and reorganize my thoughts.  Get back to reflecting on what my life purpose is and then usually I am back on task for the day.  

Every Day A New Day Dawning is a photo I captured while I was making myself slow down.    It gets really easy to get sidetracked and pulled in different directions.  So I purposely have things I do to get me back on track.  This was a morning I just needed to take a walk and enjoy all the beauty that surrounds us.  Yes, it may look like brown water but the branches that landscape this body of water were perfectly situated.  The reflection of the trees and the sunrise on the water was just gorgeous and the sound of the birds brought me back to great thinking.  When we have great thinking we are at our best.

We all have the ability to make a difference in the lives around us.  Where ever we go and whatever we do we leave a reflection of ourselves in other’s minds.  I’m not saying you need to be perfect, but being your best self is what you want to leave as a reflection.

So you might say this person is so mean to me or this circumstance is so bad.  Yes, we all have challenges.  Maybe someone isn’t treating you fairly or your circumstances just seem so unfair.   We can not control other people or circumstances.  We can only control how we react.

What does your reflection look like when someone doesn’t treat you right?  Do you stay at peace or do you let them steal your joy?  We do not have control of others but we can work on making sure that we are our best and we react in a way that keeps peace and focuses on the good.  Make your reflection look beautiful.  Everyday you are given a new chance to begin again.  A New Day Dawning.  Make it a beautiful one!

Enjoy Life!

Live Your Dreams, Share Your Talents,

Fill Your Purpose and Treasure Every Moment!